strategic planning to ensure organizational alignment and efficient execution

I use my diverse experience of 25 years across functions to strategically see the forest for the trees. I apply logical, data-driven conclusions and creative, fact-oriented thinking to visually communicate a comprehensive, desired end state that transcends any single individual or need. I write a focused story where the logical conclusion is a desired end vision that is in clear focus while still grounded in the organizational mission and purpose. Beginning with this end state in mind, corporate planning defines the long-term goals for what the organization, team or product wants to accomplish that will incrementally lead them to achieve the vision. The long term goals are segmented into near term objectives, like rungs of a ladder. How each goal (what) is accomplished is a result of the strategy. Strategies are created on a portfolio or program level across the organization and cascade down with clear alignment for each team or group to implement organizational change. This cascading alignment breaks silos and encourages collaboration toward the common vision. Systems, workflow processes and automated procedures may be created to facilitate alignment and cascading horizontally across the organization or vertically from vision to project execution. This system enables a simple prioritization framework to drive maximum value and ROI based on the investment (effort) and return (impact) – generally focusing on the biggest bang for the buck (least amount of effort needed to solve the biggest organizational problem or customer pain point). As a blueprint, it facilitates proactive market leadership, customer success, continuous improvement and constant iteration, allowing executives to remain flexible in connecting the dots across the organization while empowering focus on what matters most for organizational change and effectiveness.