I keep organizations and team on track to get things done, increasing productivity and efficiency.

I use the organization’s vision and corporate plan to guide product development strategies and effective program management.

With this framework, I coach and mentor individuals to define their own goals, objectives, and strategies. They see clear alignment with the vision and are empowered to climb the ladder towards personal and organizational success.

As an organizational leader, juggling multiple projects at once requires a high level of personal organization with flexible, empowered delegation, trust in others to do the work regardless of success (reward) or failure (learning), and a scalable business operation. This approach may require building new systems and process automation to scale the program management or product development team (workflow automation is a personal passion, as too many people copy-paste with spreadsheets to keep an organization running, especially when the process can easily be automated).

The management framework allows for continuous improvement and optimizing the org by listening, learning, and adapting fast to which strategies fail or succeed. Incremental accomplishments snowball into achievement of the vision across the organization, with stakeholder or customer adoption built-in.

I love it when a plan comes together.