market analysis and competitive analysis to design ideas for the future

It’s pretty bold for anyone to claim they are a soothsayer. However, through data analysis, I have proven my ability to see small and large opportunities in the immediate and long-term (founder of Cadreon; cookieless patent).

I analyze situations from multiple angles, quickly empathizing with the customer or internal stakeholder while incorporating industry trends. 

I am a structural thinker and can easily see three dimensions, classifying data, spatial relationships, and dependencies. I visually organize concepts, mentally manipulating possible scenarios, to quickly see patterns and relationships and the logical consequences of events. I promptly reach conclusions, design abstract, technical and real-time systems, strategically plan, and visually communicate an idea or solution.

I can see product solutions most others don’t see, arriving at new ideas and creative approaches that often transcend tradition. While being a pragmatic critical thinker, my perspective often challenges the status quo.