Industrial Strength Problem Solver

I like to explore and break new ground, building and creating things that will solve problems in unique ways. I focus on leading through open-mindedness and equanimity in facing challenges, often leading as much through "taking in" as "putting out". I am composed under pressure but also being inspiring and demanding.

explorer, maker, builder

My Ray Dalio Principles You Profile

Order Out of Chaos

I see the way different things work together, even when they seem unrelated. I can get a lot of inspiration from seemingly chaotic ideas and thoughts.I visualize ambitious goals, set plans in place, and push through to make them happen. I am driven, demanding, and at times impatient and single-minded.

Diversity of Thought

I use ideas and concepts to create effective strategies. I am both conceptual and structured, curious and open-minded, and also reliable and pragmatic. I see things from many different angles and to look at situations in ways that other people don't think of doing so.

My DISC Profile

What motivates me

Let's Connect

I am receptive to decisiveness and direct communication and appreciate a good intellectual discussion. See what I've been sharing or tell me what's on your mind?

I connect existing tools and manual processes into a custom, automated business workflow solution to speed up the operation and reduce human error with baked in best practices. Just take a look at some of my projects...

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