Intellectual explorer & builder of things.

I reverse engineer stuff to understand how things work. I like to explore and break new ground, building and creating things that will solve problems in unique ways.

explorer, maker, builder

My Ray Dalio Principles You Profile

Order Out of Chaos

I see the way different things work together, even when they seem unrelated. I can get a lot of inspiration from seemingly chaotic ideas and thoughts.I visualize ambitious goals, set plans in place, and push through to make them happen. I am driven, demanding, and at times impatient and single-minded.

Diversity of Thought

I use ideas and concepts to create effective strategies. I am both conceptual and structured, curious and open-minded, and also reliable and pragmatic. I see things from many different angles and to look at situations in ways that other people don't think of doing so.

My DISC Profile

What motivates me

Let's Connect

I am receptive to decisiveness and direct communication and appreciate a good intellectual discussion. See what I've been sharing or tell me what's on your mind?